Working with Kurt Struve

You have a project you’re working on, and want to see and show what it will be like when it’s finished, so you contact me to help.  First of all, you will need a way of conveying the design to me.

I’ve received everything from verbal explanations, quick sketches on paper, carefully drawn studies, CAD drafted plans and elevations, or 3D computer models.  All of these will work, but the more detailed the materials I get from you, the more detailed the illustrations can be – if that’s what you want.

Quite often in the early stages of design, you will want an illustration that’s purposefully loose and sketchy, so that the focus is on the overall concept and feel instead of the fine details.  When in the final design stages, you generally want the illustrations to be really representative of all the work that went into the design and so, more detailed is usually preferred.

  1. Once I get your materials, I will usually create a 3D computer model, unless I’m rendering an elevation, plan or other orthagonal view.
  2. Next, I will generate sample viewpoints for you to choose from.
  3. Then I start the rendering process in Photoshop.  Once I start rendering, the viewpoint can’t be changed without starting the rendering over.  However, design changes are usually possible.
  4. I will send you drafts of the illustration throughout the process to make sure you’re happy with the progress.

Price depends very much on the scope of the design, and how much detail you want to see, but I make a point of working within your budget as much as possible.